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Check out the dead character graveyard!

Non-Player Characters

The Ark is a small community, no more than 100 people. As for people off the Ark, it depends on what plane the Ark lands in.

Named NPCs

Current events and Roleplay logs

If you want to post a log, please send a cleaned up text file to The Doctor. NO attachments, Word files, etc. I ONLY accept plain ASCII text emails.

Where we've been so far:

Plane of Fallen Fortresses
Lots of fallen fortresses. Ultimately overrun by hordes of undead.
Wild Magic Land
Didn't stay long. Just long enough to determine that magic didn't work right there.
Ice and shadow. Eternally dim. Ice Raider orcs and Shadow Witch/Chosen mages.
Arhei river valley
Woodlands, lots of dragons, and (somewhere) towering cities of magic. Locally, the Ark has seen one huge green dragon and many ogres, as well as humans.

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