The Plane of Fallen Fortresses: local information

The Ark floats above a grassy plain dotted with the remains of fallen fortresses, old and new, large and small, in all sorts of materials and styles. A river and a village lie about 6 miles to the east, a distant mountain range perhaps 150 miles to the northwest.

The name of the village on the river. It is one of many such villages that feed a larger city-state about 50 miles downstream.
The local name of the river.
The name of the human-dominated city-state down the Churrash. Famous for its Temple of the Sun, a stepped pyramid on a cliff. (Dedicated to Pelor.)
Fraiborg (dwarves), Vensi-Roon (halflings), Kalilia (gnomes), Grox (goblins, hobgoblins), Tshoslt (lizardfolk)
Other city-states in the region to the east, northeast, and south of the Ark's location. Legend has it that each was founded by the survivors of a fallen fortress.
Wultash Range
Local name of the mountains to the northwest. Tribes of centaurs roam the foothills and the edge of the plains. Tribes of troglodytes live in the mountains.
The great city in Lake Nochti, far to the south (about 400 miles). It rules a semi-aggressive empire. It has previously been expanding into its southern and eastern neighbors, but there are hints that it may be taking an interest in the north. Mixed races. Ruled by the undead. The noble caste are the Heartless (See the Necropolitan template in the Libris Mortis). The rulers worship Vecna and Wee Jas. Pelor-worship is banned.
Orrolon, Long River Kingdom
600 miles to the east. Said to be a kingdom of lycanthropes, ruled by rakshasa.
The Western Sea
Ocean to the west. Duh!
The Eastern Sea
See above.

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