Ark of Fools Graveyard

This page commemorates all the fallen heros and idiots of the Ark of Fools. Sometimes death is one of the most memorable aspects of a game, the other side of sweet triumph. On the other hand, sometimes it's just stupid. Or sad but funny.

Brysarre (human wizard from Lakeland)
Frustrated with being stuck on a big flying rock, she and a couple of others (Maria and Padriac) were in the engine room trying to figure out how to make it work. Soon enough, mysterious voices started speaking to them, and skeletons leaped out of the walls to attack them. Brysarre went down in the first round, before she even had a chance to act, winning the distinction of being the first PC to die on the new Ark.
Drayakir (human wizard)
Maria takes exception to his diplomatic overtures to the Ice Raiders. He casts a charm spell upon her. Once the spell wears off, she challenges him. The two duel. Drayakir loses. Chop!
Temper (necropolitan cleric of Pelor!)
Died within minutes of arriving on the Ark. Killed by some kind of dire maggots.
Elanis (human cleric of Pelor)
Fell defending the Ark while on duty at the Change Engines. The Old Man sent first a wyrmling dragon and then a minotaur warrior. The minotaur first slew Elanis, then nearly slew Slash, before it was run through by the bard Azathoth.
Dal'Niy (human wizard)
Ripped apart by an aquatic gargoyle in the flooded kobold shrine in the caves under the Ark's location in the Arhei Valley. Before he died, his magic were crucial in tipping the odds in favor of his comrades in arms.
Dal'Niy (again!)
This time, Dal'Niy went out, "just taking a walk", in the lands below the Ark --- by himself. He sought out an abandoned graveyard. Finding suspiciously new tracks and odors (of corruption, corpses, etc.), he tracked it down to a tunnel. Lo and behold, he found some undead. A ghoul and a ghast got the jump on him and killed him. And ate him. His snake familiar fled while they were busy munching away.
Rathar (halfling warlock)
The Ark is caught in the middle of ogre vs ogre internecine warfare. Choosing as best they can among bad choices, the Arkites join in the fighting. As part of a small skirmishing group, Rathar is unfortunately caught and killed in an ogre mage's cone of cold.
Leon (half-elf foppish druid!, honorable mention) Petrified! Leon arrived along with a bunch of birds...that included a cockatrice... got turned to stone, but luckily the other PCs managed to capture the cockatrice and trade it to Oerdrik the Cockatrice Rancher in return for a voucher to get a free disenchant from the folks at Hawthorn Abbey.
Robert (human fighter)
Among the first to explore the other side of the new portal at the bottom of the Well, Robert finds a town threatened by rampaging dinosaurs. He charges into melee with one of them, but is killed by the venemous claws and bite of the fleshraker.
Jaana (human monk)
The adventurers are hired to harvest fruit from a rare tree growing in the plains outside town. A rare tree that lives in a symbiotic relationship with giant ants. Jaana is killed by the giant ants.
Ambrose (elven rogue)
The adventurers are hired to forcibly evict a bugbear squatter from the cabin he's taken over. Ambrose is killed by the bugbear, but not before knifing him in the groin.
Lina (half-vampire monk/wizard) and Iluka (catfolk warblade)
After Slash (the Ark's most famous --- only? gnoll) and K'hrisvarath (the catfolk Hunt Leader) killed each other in an unfortunate misunderstanding when the local gnolls attacked Greystone Village, the Ark's Council decided to try to patch things up by raising them from the dead. The PCs went to the elemental plane of Earth to dig up some diamonds for the spell. They had the bad luck to run into a couple of half-earth elemental minotaurs, or rather, the minotaurs ran into them. Forcefully. Brutally. With very big axes. Lina and Iluka were dead before the others managed to kill the minotaurs. Both were later raised from death along with the Hunt Leader. (Slash refused resurrection.)
Kyo (human swordsage) and Inconna (grey elf swashbuckler/rogue)
Tyrvetia the Red, a half-dragon seeking revenge for her half-brother's death in Brindol, tracks down the Ark and attacks Inconna outside the cattle pens under the Ark. After their initial melee goes badly for Inconna, the elf flees back towards the Ark, where she finds allies to help her. Kyo, as one of those allies, steps between Inconna and Tyrvetia, taunting the half-dragon. Perhaps not wise, when Tyrvetia took up the challege and decapitated him in one blow. And after that, Inconna took the brunt of the attack. But the half-dragon, now badly wounded, attempted to flee, only to be blasted by the flying warlock Laylara. (Inconna is later raised from the dead.)
Miko (human monk)
Killed in the Change Engines by some grimlocks that had been brought through. There was something of a misunderstanding (Miko made no attempt to talk to the grimlocks before charging in to attack) and Miko has been assigned by the Council (after she was reincarnated as an orc!) to keep watch over the two surviving grimlocks during their probationary period. The deaths in the Change Engine seemed to strengthen the Curse enough that it attacked Hyan Luize while Skrags was enacting the reincarnation ritual.
Sviar (dwarf wizard)
Killed when he rashly polymorphed into a wyvern and attacked a blue dragon. No, the dragon was NOT distracted by the summoned creatures. No, a wizard (when already injured) does NOT have enough hp to take a full attack from a large dragon. Luckily, the rest of the party managed to kill the dragon and recover enough of Sviar to get him reincarnated (as a dwarf again!) at a local druid grove.
Laylara (human fey warlock)
Killed by the hags (they showed their true colors at last!) who had weakened her to the point of incapacitation, a death for a death to avenge their sister. The two remaining hags died shortly thereafter.
Tylan (elven fighter/warblade)
Died in a quest to save the Ark from those on the wrong side of the Mirror who wanted to wrest control of it away from the Old Man. The adventurers ended up in a strange dream realm, where the only way out was blocked by strange monsters and demons... Separated from his allies, Tylan was killed, but not without leaving his mark on the foe...

Salana (human mystic knife)
Engulfed by a mysterious living flame spell that somehow oozed into the portal between Greystone and the Ark. At least it was quick...
Gavon (human sorcerer)
Did this guy have a death wish or what? A group from the Mage Guild, checking out a report that the two Arkite grimlocks were dead, followed some farm workers out to the fields outside Greystone, into a landmine of poisoned dart traps, exploding farmers, and exploding grimlocks...and even then he might have survived, but for the toxic fumes!

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