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Anyone may @emit these NPCs in ordinary RP or for PRPs, but please do not maim or murder them without prior permission from the staff. If the NPC is involved in any major event or trauma or anything else that should be noted, please @mail the staff about it.


Current Ark NPC population: c. 50-60


Brukal (human fighter)
OOC note: retired PC. Level is one less than current highest PC level.
"Foreigner" who materialized in the Change Engines. Recruited by Doyle into the Gatehouse crew after the cloudkill massacre. He now sits on the Ark's governing Council as the representative of the Gatehouse Crew (i.e., the guards). Later promoted to Captain of the Gatehouse when Doyle is found to be embezzling Ark funds.
Dachakt, Khtek and Chchets (kenku)
Arrived through the Change Engines Jan 2007. The leader seems to be the cleric known as Dachakt.
Doyle (half-orc rogue - max PC lvl)
One of the Gatehouse Crew. Ex-army, from Lakeland. Took command of the Gatehouse after Vera's death, with Fiorian as his advisor-in-chief. Demoted when found to be embezzling Ark funds.
Fellinore (human knight - retired PC)
"Foreign" warrior now a member of the Ark's fighting forces (under the command of the Gatehouse).
Brother Fiorian (human cleric - max PC lvl-1, Hextor and Heironeous)
Army priest from Lakeland. One of the Gatehouse Crew. He offers his assistance to any in the Ark. His patrons are Heironeous and Hextor. (Notes: domains: war (longsword), courage)
Gill (halfling)
Apprentice in the Ark's Mage Guild.
Howell (human)
Syl's foster son. Tracker. In training to be a woods ranger.
Hyan Luize (human cleric, same level as highest PC level)
Priest of Pelor. Refugee from Minaxis-Nochti on the plane of fallen fortresses. (Pelor-worship is illegal in Minaxis-Nochti, which is devoted to Wee Jas and Vecna.)
Jack (human)
Apprentice in the Ark's Mage Guild.
Oskar Taverner (dwarf fighter/expert - max PC lvl)
Ex-gladiator from Blue's House of Delights on Face. Now part-owner and manager of the Black Dragon Inn and Tavern.
Skitter (aranea)
A local aranea who was living in some tunnels under the Ark.
Syl (human ranger - max PC lvl -2)
Another of the Gatehouse Crew. Ex-army, from Lakeland.
Wensel (gnome wizard/rogue - max PC lvl -1)
Guildmaster of the Mage Guild. Reclusive refugee from a city overrun by the undead armies of Minaxis-Nochti. Came aboard with the Nix folk. He now works as an alchemist and overseer of exotic supplies (i.e. spell components and so forth) in the basement of the Mage Guild, serves as the Guildmaster out of duty.
Xarxe (half-orc barbarian/dragon shaman - retired PC)
Another Arkite spit out by the Change Engines. Now a member of the Gatehouse crew (the guards).
Zakk (human)
A bartender at the Black Dragon. Original Akadazian (from Face).


Albi (human commoner 0 - cloudkilled)
Token cute kid, Moira and Edur's 3 year old son.
Alazar Fiens (human)
One-armed fugitive of questionable guilt, taken from some bounty hunters in the Arhei by the PCs and brought aboard. After being held in the Gatehouse dungeon for a couple of weeks, the Ark's council (with Hyan Luize providing truth spells) decided to let him go. ...lost to the Mirror of Destiny. Supposedly returned home (perhaps in an alternate reality!)
Edur (human expert 3 - cloudkilled) Carpenter from Goosetown. Married to Moira.
Fraengel the Gristle-Gray (human wizard ?/alienist ?, deceased)
A mad hermit who lived for centuries in a little niche in the throat of the dead god. Following some vision of his own, he built an Ark and enticed a group of outcasts and refugees from the old Ark (which was then on the verge of doom) to join him aboard. His plan to breach the Outer Darkness and sacrifice his passengers as slaves or avatars was foiled in the nick of time.
Kaol (half-elf bard/rogue)
An outcast Rogue-Librarian of the Nose. He was the one who uncovered Fraengel's plot. He was also the first victim of Fraengel's dying curse.
Katet (human fighter, retired PC)
Member of the guard, known for fighting with a warmace in each hand. Killed by Taisa and Tovi.
Locust (halfling druid)
A country druid from Lakeland. Now a grumpy middle-aged bachelor turned sanitation engineer and agricultural consultant. He's trying to convince everyone it's not good to just dump all their waste products overboard, but they don't have enough spell power to handle everything, and the compost heap can only go so far. (Killed in an attack by the forces of Minaxis Nochti.)
Maria Evenstar (human warlock from Thay. OOC note: retired player.)
Part-owner and manager of the Black Dragon. Now mostly retired from public affairs, she's more known as a dancer and a courtesan. Has a reputation as a dangerous person to cross. (OOC: I've included her here for completeness, as a part of the history of the Ark. Please do not mess with the character!) (Died heroically off-screen in Dec 2006.)
Moira (human expert 2/druid 1 - cloudkilled)
Gardener and beekeeper, originally from Goosetown. Married to Edur. She's been learning druid-lore from Locust.
Neelah (halfling warrior - cloudkilled)
Halfling bandit captured and enslaved by Maria.
Captain Niktaveus (human fighter)
Original leader of the Gatehouse Crew. Ex-army, from Lakeland. Second to die trying to leave the Ark.
Sarah (elven ranger, ex-PC, OOCly retired)
One of the elves brought aboard the Ark by the Change Engines. Died defending the Ark during the ogre invasion during its time in the Arhei Valley.
Sausau (half-elf expert 3 - cloudkilled)
Head cook in the Keep kitchen. Originally from Godsdoor. Kaol's brother. For awhile, he was the head of life in the Keep, the kitchen, and the food stores. He mediated minor disputes between the people living there, including the newer refugees from Nix. He also kept copies of written contracts, as well as acting as a witness for verbal contracts.
Tuhurok (wizard) and Guhulot (warrior)
Two grimlocks who came through the Change Engines. Tuhurok is now a member of the Ark's Mage Guild. Died later under mysterious circumstances, their corpses set as a trap for Mage Guild PCs.
Captain Vera (human fighter 4 - cloudkilled)
Current leader of the Gatehouse Crew. Ex-army, from Lakeland. Niktaveus's sister. She was the first to successfully leave (temporarily) the Ark.
Whitlock (halfling warrior)
Captured halfling bandit. (Killed during a salvage expedition on the plane of fallen fortresses.)
Grame (cloudkilled)
Old human, leader of the refugees from Nix
Green Hags from the Change Engines: 2 (Uhla and Vazuhla)
Made trouble when they found a third hag. Were killed.
Small Salamanders from the Change Engines: 2
Insisted on a plane shift back to the elemental plane of fire. Died from the Curse.
Skrags (human druid, same level as highest PC level. OOC note: retired PC)
Senior druid on the Ark. One of the original inhabitants, from Lakeland (old Ark). Available for healing, wondrous items, etc. Takes care of the Ark's gardens, orchards, and sewage and trash disposal. Probably killed by the hags.
Vale (human warmage - retired PC)
One of the Ark's stronger arcane casters - trained in battle magic. Member of the Mage Guild. Died in captivity (Formian Hive).


Arhei Valley and Haldresburg

Gart, aka Tloshekai Gartemalichtach
Green dragon. King of the Wyrmwood (Tloshketai).
Baron Haldre
Local ogre mage baron, of Haldresburg.
Haldre's daughter
Human priest of Fharlangn, Haldre's advisor.
Baron Tarres
Neighboring baron to the west (upriver) - known for piracy.
Baron Hamund
Current War-Chief of all the barons. Tarres' uncle. Barony located at the junction of the Ost and the Arhei rivers.
Ogre. Chicken (cockatrice) farmer. Closest person to the Ark's location.
Yrktheran animal trainer (itinerant).
Tree fey living in the tallest tree (an oak) growing right under the Ark.
Hawthorn Abbey
About a day's journey west of the Ark. Mages and druids, many of the Daggerspell order. Azabel Saens (elf), Urstan Urthwyrd (human druid), Abbot Denis Hawthorn, Franz Yeluci (human mage), Jean-Mari Lesau (elf mage). They have a particular dislike of the undead.

Greystone Village/Iyun Doth

Jadahrin Twosilvers
The owner of the Silver Dragon Inn/Tavern. Older brother of Jadalia. ("Ale! Best ale in town, two silvers a gallon!")
Jadalia Silverhands
The town healer. Younger sister of Jadahrin.
Wrexel d'Orien
Head of the merchant's guild in Greystone Village (which is really more of a small town.) Concerned with re-establishing some kind of trade with whoever might be their new neighbors.
Talsora d'Cannith
Greystone's top magewright. (A magewright is an NPC class, like an expert, but an arcane spellcaster.)
Phorel d'Cannith (deceased)
Greystone's artificer, dead with the others in the Keep.
Urthven ir'Bacht (deceased)
Lord of Greystone Keep. He had only recently inherited the title, after his father was killed in the war. Youngest of five siblings (all the others died in the war, too.)
Captain Arieath (deceased)
Captain of the elven mercenaries stationed at Greystone. (They're all dead, too.)
Hunt leader of the local catfolk: the Banjifress Clan of the Whitefoot tribe.
Tamalai Three-tusk
Representative ("Speaker-to-Grass") from the nearest loxo town (Rattrap).

Ice World

An orc, Shield Brother (local leader) of the Ice Raiders
A human, Aspirant of the Middle Circle, messenger from the fortress of the Shadow Witches/"Chosen".
Dirextor Sengi
Jehane's boss

Plane of Fallen Fortresses

Tarn, Jale, Grame, Frija
Village council of Nix (nearest human settlement to the Ark's location) Frija, a 40 yr-old woman, is the local appraiser. She deals with traders in Gaerrix and buys valuables from scavengers and adventurers.
Olivia Sunbright (human cleric 12)
High priestess of Pelor at the Temple of the Sun in Gaerrix.

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