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*** UPDATE: Ark of Fools MUX is currently down. ***
*** UPDATE 2: Ark of Fools MUX is officially closed. Sorry. ***
Well, it's been pretty dead for a long time now, but at least the server was still up. Unfortunately, we got blasted by a severe thunderstorm last weekend and the computer was fried. I'll try to figure out how to get the game up again on the new computer, but it may take awhile. Sorry. :-( (28-July-2010)

Gah. Haven't been able to compile the MUX server. Not that I tried very hard. But thinking about it, I don't think I'll ever have the energy or willpower to run my own MUX anymore. Sorry, folks. R.I.P. Ark of Fools MUX!

Perhaps we'll meet again on some other (more populated) game! Although right now I'm playing too much "Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup" to do any RP. Yeah, it's a rogue-like, but it amuses me to play a Troll Monk without having to worry about balance, LA, racial hit dice, cries of "Twink!", etc. You run around, kill everything, and then eat it! Ha. (2-September-2010)

A stone castle rises from the top of a huge rock floating high up in the sky, shifting from plane to plane. Its inhabitants struggle under the dying curse of the architect, whom they betrayed and murdered. This castle, now named the Ark of Fools, carries a few score refugees from the broken remains of what was once a city in the Astral Plane, along with victims drawn in from across the multiverse by the Curse. Mysteries lie at the heart of the Ark. The Old Man built it for a purpose. What was it? Can the Ark be wrested from his control in time?

Drawing inspiration from sources including the legend of the Flying Dutchman, the painting "Castle in the Pyrenees" by Rene Magritte, Star Trek, and Laputa: Castle in the Sky, our principal aim is to enjoy traditional D & D (3.5) fun in a fantasy setting, with plenty of staff-run plots and dungeon-delving.

Ark of Fools MUX is a tabletop-style game, with players meeting at regular times. Most sessions take place weeknights from 8-11 pm Eastern time.

Ark of Fools MUX is a Dungeons and Dragons game (v.3.5, copyright Wizards of the Coast). We are a fan site and not affiliated in any way with Wizards of the Coast. This is a roleplaying game in an all-text medium. Coded commands allow you to apply the game mechanics more easily (simulated dice rolls and online character sheets and so forth.) Note that all creatures in the game world will be played by a human: no computer-controlled monsters are involved.

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  • 27-Feb-2008: added page for Elsir Vale, the new location of the Ark.
  • 29-Jan-2008: updated timeline, added link to compilation of posts from the IC news board..
  • 2-Apr-2007: Switched to, added MUX code page.
  • 14-Sep-2006: Major updates to current local info.
  • 25-Feb-2006: Updated the timeline and some other stuff.
  • 11-Dec-2005: Added government and law info
  • 19-Feb-2005: Updated to 3.5 and the revised Ark setting.

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