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Reading/Viewing List for Ark of Fools MUX

Dungeons and Dragons: Core books

More Monsters!


These offer a few more base classes, PRCs, feats, spells, and other options. Most of the material from the PH2 and the "Complete" series is available for Ark of Fools characters, except for a few of the "Oriental Adventures" spellcasting classes. The rest may be available by application or at a future time.

Enviroments: on the Prime and Beyond

Take your adventure to a different clime! (Assuming you start in an pseudo-European temperate zone.) Or onto the sea. Or into a dungeon. Or to Hell. As long as they keep people buying more books!

Races of...

These books are not officially used on Ark of Fools, but people have been known to refer to them now and then, or make a character using one of the new races or templates presented in them.

Other D & D

Other Campaigns

Now and then we feel like starting a new campaign in a completely different setting. Then we make new characters for it until the feeling goes away.

Revised --- March 6, 2007