Life on the Ark

A small community of about 100, the Ark is an egalitarian society, with no kings or lords, no slaves or serfs. Humans and halflings are the most common race, followed by the other races in the PH (gnomes, dwarves, elves, half-elves, and half-orcs.) A few others, such as orcs, hobgoblins, goblins, kobolds, and gnolls, are also represented. Everyone's voice is heard, though some voices tend to get more respect than others. See the laws entry.

Because everyone is acutely aware of being stuck in a precarious situation with everyone else, people are fairly tolerant of racial and cultural differences. There is no formal government or church. Things tend to operate by consensus and common law (based on the culture of Lakeland and Face that the exiles brought with them: see old world information). However, people are quick to gang up on anyone perceived to be "rocking the boat" --- threatening the Ark in any way.

At the moment, Grimstone Keep, the castle on the top of the Ark, is a cramped residence. Most of the population lives in the main keep building, with a few others camping out in the gatehouse and corner towers. Supplies are short and the logistics of bringing materials up to the Ark are a nightmare. Sanitation is also difficult. The resident druids try to convert the waste products into fertile soil, but there is still a tendancy just to empty the chamberpots over the edge.

Most of the common chores (cleaning, carrying water up from the well, venturing down to the surface world, gardening, cooking, etc.) are divided among the whole population, with each family unit or small "gang" taking it in turns. Shopping will be more of a headache than usual, at least at low levels.

Does this mean your character won't be able to buy any cool stuff? (e.g. masterwork items, magical items, etc.) No. Surface towns and cities with higher-level NPCs will be available to trade with, though not continuously, and the PCs will have to find both towns and suitable NPCs.

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