Coding MUSH/MUX puppets

A "puppet" is an object that a player owns and controls, that can act almost like a player as far as the IC world is concerned. On Ark of Fools, puppets are generally used to represent NPCs, mounts, and animal companions.

See 'help puppets'.

Here's one way to set up your puppet. Suppose you want a puppet named Bob. Then you might type the following:

@create Bob
@lock bob=me
@desc bob=(whatever bob looks like)
@adesc bob=@pemit me=%n just looked at me
@set bob=puppet
Now, suppose Bob has a database number of #1000. Then to control the puppet, you might type:
&cmd-bob me=$bob *:#1000 %0

Now, all you have to do to control Bob is to type "bob ", for example,
bob say hello
bob :dances around.
bob look
bob @emit A sneaky puppet sneaks around doing sneaky things.
bob +roll 1d20+10
bob somedoor

where "somedoor" is an exit in the room Bob is in.

Revised -- April 2, 2007
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