Multi-descing without the code

It's actually fairly easy to switch around your descs without using some kind of "multidescer" code. All you have to do is set the text in modular attributes on yourself. What do I mean by that? Simply that you can have one attribute for your basic desc, one for your armor, one for your courtier's outfit, one for your shapeshifted form, etc.


&desc-normal me=This is my normal desc. Blah blah blah blah.

&desc-armor me=Wearing blah blah blah shiny steel armor and a shield and helmet yadda yadda.

&desc-courtier me=This is what my super-expensive gem-studded courtier's outfit looks like. Blah blah.

&desc-wolf me=This is what I look like when I shapeshift into a wolf.
Then, depending on the circumstances, you can quickly redo your @desc. For example:
@desc me=%r[u(desc-normal)]%r[u(desc-armor)]%r
Then when you dress up, you can type:
@desc me=%r[u(desc-normal)]%r[u(desc-courtier)]%r
When you shift into a wolf, type:
@desc me=%r[u(desc-wolf)]%r
If you forget what descs you have written, you can "ex me" (spammy) or type
think [lattr(me/desc-*)]
which lists the descs you have set. It is, of course, possible to code commands on yourself to save some typing. E.g., if you have to change your short-desc as well, or have a specially coded "shifter" object. For example,
&cmd-shift me=$shift:@desc me=%r[u(desc-wolf)]%r;&short-desc me=a wolf;+use #12345;
&cmd-unshift me=$unshift:@desc me=%r[u(desc-normal)]%r[u(desc-armor)]%r;&short-desc me=a human blah blah;+remove #12345;
Then you simply type "shift" to "+use" your item and change your desc, and "unshift" to change back. Note, on some games, you need to be set "command" in order to code commands on yourself ("@set me=command") although this flag is not used on Ark of Fools.

Revised -- April 2, 2007
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